Chris Muller-Tabanera

Chris Muller-Tabanera is the National Director of Heyrick Research. Heyrick Research is a counter-trafficking organization that provides data, intelligence, and strategy to support collaborative efforts to combat the illicit massage industry. Over the course of his career, Mr. Muller-Tabanera has created and delivered trainings across the United States on the unique characteristics of the illicit […]

Agnes Igoye

Agnes Igoye escaped human traffickers at 14, when the Lord’s Resistance Army raided her village in search of virgins. Today she serves as Uganda’s deputy national coordinator for the prevention of trafficking in persons and contributes to teach a child protection course at Harvard University. She sits on various African regional committees on migration and […]

Judge Robert Lung

Judge Robert Lung currently presides over a Domestic Relations docket in the 18th Judicial District of Colorado. Judge Lung also provides presentations nationally and internationally on issues such as human trafficking, childhood trauma and resiliency. Judge Lung previously served as the Judicial Representative and the Vice-Chair on the Colorado Human Trafficking Council and the Chair […]

Kelly Dore

Kelly has Montezillo, LLC, a public policy consulting organization designed to engage legislators on anti-trafficking and best practice laws.  She uses her lived experience to work to advocate, educate and raise awareness to the degree of Human Sex and Labor trafficking across Nation and serve as a policy/legislative consultant to Congressional members and State Legislators. […]

Mandy Ham

Mandy graduated from Colorado State University in 2016 with a degree in Journalism and a second field in Communications and Sociology. During her time there, she was actively involved with organizations that were fighting human trafficking locally and internationally. After college, she went to work for a local Colorado nonprofit, The Matthews House, as the […]