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Headshot of Brooke Byrd from the shoulders up.

Brooke Byrd

Brooke Byrd MSW With over ten years in the anti-trafficking field, Ms. Byrd has experience working on the front line with trafficking victims and specializes in program management. Ms. Byrd has worked in direct care with youth as a Child Protection Worker with the Denver Department of Human Services (DDHS). In this role, she specialized in working with youth who are at risk of being trafficked, serving as the DDHS human trafficking and sex abuse trainer and as Co-Chair of the Denver Anti-Trafficking Alliance (DATA) Youth Sub-Committee.

As the State Human Trafficking Specialist she developed child welfare policy and provided training and support to counties in managing their human trafficking cases. Additionally, she oversaw the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Improving Outcomes for Children and Youth grant where she worked to improve community response to child trafficking throughout the state. Ms. Byrd has been serving as the Denver Anti-Trafficking Alliance (DATA) Director since 2021.

Working out of the District Attorney’s office, Ms. Byrd oversees task force operation and manages the DOJ’s Enhanced Collaborative Model grant. Ms. Byrd is an appointed member and Vice Chair of the Governor’s Colorado Human Trafficking Council (CHTC).