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Cassandra Eng

Headshot of Cassandra L. Eng from the shoulders up wearing a dark blue coat and a bright blue top.

Cassandra L. Eng, MA, Qualitative Research Support Specialist, at the Center for Human Trafficking Research and Outreach at University of Georgia School of Social Work. Cassandra (she/her) is an applied anthropologist who specializes in qualitative, collaborative, and equitable community-engaged research. Cassandra’s research interests include survivor inclusion in the human trafficking movement, the child welfare system, […]

Anna Cody

Headshot of Anna Cody from the shoulders up wearing a black coat with a blue and white strip top.

Anna M. Cody, PhD, Assistant Research Scientist, is a qualitative methodologist at the Center for Human Trafficking Research and Outreach at University of Georgia School of Social Work. She specializes in qualitative and mixed methods, community-engaged research. Her research interests include children’s rights and well-being and children’s experiences of trauma and violence. Her research designs […]

Charles Hounmenou

Headshot of Charles Hounmenou from the shoulders up.

Dr. Charles Hounmenou is an Associate Professor at the Jane Addams College of Social Work. He has over 15 years of experience in research on human trafficking. His expertise in human trafficking covers the sub-Sahara African region and the USA. His studies have been funded by the US Department of State and the U.S. National […]

Brooke Jones

Headshot of Brooke Jones from the shoulder up wearing a red knit cap.

Brooke Jones is a Ph.D. student in the Education, Equity, and Transformation Program at Colorado State University. She studies several facets of human trafficking (HT), including HT K12 education, HT statistical/data collection and analysis, and media analyses of missing women. All of Brooke’s research projects are conceptualized using critical feminist and race frameworks. Brooke anticipates […]

Rebecca Bender

A headshot of Rebecca Bender in a light colored hat and matching dress.

The following excerpt is from Rebecca Benders’ website. Rebecca is a social activist, thought leader, and consultant who equips professionals and organizations to identify and fight human trafficking. She was appointed to the U.S. National Advisory Council and regularly testifies as an expert witness in court. Her specialized training has equipped well over 100,000 professionals […]

Melissa Kaiser

Headshot of Melissa Kaiser in a yellow top with a beaded necklace

Melissa Kaiser is an independent consultant in the anti-human trafficking field. She was the first Human Trafficking Navigator hired for Eastern North Dakota, contracted with the North Dakota Human Trafficking Task Force. Melissa was employed with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation as their first Victim/Witness Specialist, and assisted in creating the integrated victim services and […]

Wade Arvizu

Headshot of Wade Arvizu

Wade is a Senior Programs Specialist at The Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, an international funding organization dedicated to building a survivor-centric anti-trafficking movement. As a networker, strategist, and visionary, he seeks genuine connections and approaches people with curiosity, connecting world leaders to build mutually beneficial trust-based partnerships. He values lived and professional experience […]

Maria Tell

Headshot of Maria Tell from the shoulders up.

Maria Tell is a Fort Collins native and a graduate of The University of Colorado Denver with a bachelor’s in criminal justice. She is working on completing her master’s in criminal justice, continually supports undercover sex trafficking operations with The Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement, and conducts trainings and presentations throughout the […]

Cristian Eduardo

Headshot of Cristian Eduardo

Cristian Eduardo is an advocate, speaker, and educator for anti-trafficking initiatives – including the Equality Model, immigrant and LGBTQ+ rights. He is a survivor of international and domestic human trafficking, a Mexican immigrant, a person living with HIV, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and someone who speaks openly about the mental health challenges he has faced that […]