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Embracing Expertise

Too often those of us working in the anti-trafficking space attempt to reinvent the wheel, eschewing expertise and relying instead on biased data, on donor-driven projects, and on invalid assumptions. Almost every time we make assumptions about human trafficking, even assumptions that seem to make a lot of sense, they are wrong. We then direct […]

A Concept of Interagency Collaboration between Law Enforcement and Private Investigators for Human Trafficking Investigations

Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are at the forefront of the U.S. government’s efforts to prevent human trafficking, protect trafficking victims, investigate trafficking cases, and prosecute suspected traffickers. Yet, their efforts to investigate human trafficking cases are often hampered by various issues, including insufficient law enforcement personnel with human trafficking-centered training, limited logistics to handle human […]

Using an Ecofeminist Frame to Conceptualize the Issue of Human Trafficking and Recommend Education Initiatives for K-12 Youth in Aurora, Colorado

Human Trafficking Education (HTE) is a fairly recent initiative, with four states alreadyrequiring awareness and preventative education around HT at varying levels from Kindergartenthrough 12th grade. Colorado is not a state requiring HTE, however it does have three cities inthe top 100 cities per capita with the most HT reports, and four of the five […]

The Supply Trace Research Platform for Forced Labor Risk in Global Supply Chains

We present, the first open-access platform to expose forced labor risks in global supply chains. In our recently launched pilot, we focus on the apparel sector links between forced labor in the Uyghur Region of China and shipments to the U.S. We conduct machine learning on millions of shipments and connect them to potential […]

What’s Mine is Mine? Comparing Corporeal Consent Across Negotiated Exchange Transactions

Corporeality (“of the body”) is a key construct in several areas of thought including philosophy,medicine, ethics, law, and commerce. Conceptualizations of and assumptions regardingcorporeal consent – that is, granting consent to the access of one’s own body – differ in key waysacross existing literatures that include discussions of consent. These differences often emanatefrom the nature […]

Legal Tools to Fight Human Trafficking & Exploitation for Profit

The law firm of Burg Simpson will be presenting on the legal tools that are available to fight human trafficking and exploitation for profit. Understanding vulnerable populations and who profits from trafficking will give us tools to help end trafficking and support survivors. Burg Simpson has been a Plaintiffs’ trial firm for over 40 years […]