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Legal Tools to Fight Human Trafficking & Exploitation for Profit

The law firm of Burg Simpson will be presenting on the legal tools that are available to fight human trafficking and exploitation for profit. Understanding vulnerable populations and who profits from trafficking will give us tools to help end trafficking and support survivors. Burg Simpson has been a Plaintiffs’ trial firm for over 40 years […]

Trauma & The Brain

When it comes to working with trafficked victims, mental “chains” are real. Learn first hand how brainwashing works, the ins and outs of neurology and trauma, and how all of these things combined impact the survivors we serve. Walk away with tips and techniques to help heal and rewire the brain as well as interview […]

Building Resilience through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach: Techniques for Working with Victims of Human Trafficking

Victims and survivors of human trafficking experience chronic and complex trauma throughout their lives. This session will focus on understanding these traumas and how to incorporate promising practices that prevent retraumatization when supporting them through recovery. Attendees will gain an understanding of person-centered and trauma informed (PCTI) approaches, and examples of how to utilize these […]

Complex Trauma & Addiction: A Survivor’s Story of Childhood Exploitation & Adult Human Trafficking

This session will provide in-depth, real-life stories and experiences demonstrating how commercial sexual exploitation in early childhood (CSEC) can normalize abusive relationships and, without critical identification or intervention, often leads to ongoing exploitation in adulthood. Join Maria as she reveals her own journey through the recruitment, grooming, manipulation, and abuse she experienced, her barriers to […]