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Chris Muller-Tabanera

Chris Muller-Tabanera is the National Director of Heyrick Research. Heyrick Research is a counter-trafficking organization that provides data, intelligence, and strategy to support collaborative efforts to combat the illicit massage industry. Over the course of his career, Mr. Muller-Tabanera has created and delivered trainings across the United States on the unique characteristics of the illicit massage industry and best practices in identifying and responding to exploited workers. He is frequently consulted by law enforcement on investigations and has been featured in numerous news articles about the illicit massage industry, including the New York Times. He is also a contributing author for the book, The Historical Roots of Human Trafficking: Informing Primary Prevention of Commercialized Violence. Prior to joining Heyrick Research, Mr. Muller-Tabanera was the Director of Training and External Affairs at Restore NYC.