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Elizabeth Scaife

Elizabeth is the CEO and Founder of FYN Global, a small business dedicated to supporting the existing missions of survivors and allies worldwide through coaching, consulting, and technical assistance for anti-trafficking initiatives. She has 19 years of leadership experience in cross-cultural project management, strategy development, operations, event and training design. Throughout her career, Elizabeth has spent several years assisting, coordinating, and managing projects domestically and internationally including the funding and development of restoration programs in 20 countries.  She has provided 150 customized trainings to 6,400 individuals across the U.S., designed and implemented state and national training conferences including the nationally renowned JuST Conference. She has authored and produced unique training resources for diverse professionals on human trafficking including guides, video series, and e-learning courses, along with a series of documentary films and accompanying awareness resources for youth.

Elizabeth has collaborated with stakeholders to provide technical assistance to governmental and non-governmental agencies, serving as an active member of the North Virginia and D.C. Human Trafficking Task Forces for several years. She has appeared on two televised programs, “Our America with Lisa Ling” and “Gangsters: America’s Most Evil.” Recently, she collaborated with Trinity Broadcast Network to produce a sex trafficking documentary, offering ongoing consultation in script development. Above all, Elizabeth is a proven leader, passionate about empowering teams, developing creative solutions, building effective strategies and efficient systems. She is respected across the nation as a dynamic trainer, expert organizer, and a known ally to survivors of trafficking.