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There has been an alarming increase in the numbers of illicit massage businesses (IMB) in the United States and the revenue generated by this illegal industry. Although empirical research on IMBs is scant, it is well documented that most of the women exploited in IMBs are immigrant women entrapped in trafficking situations involving commercial sex and/or labor exploitation. First, our research comprises an exploratory study of women exploited in US illicit massage parlors using a sample of news articles highlighting law enforcement raids in the US. Next our research adopts a novel theoretical perspective to develop a conceptual framework of trauma proliferation experienced by these women. Our theoretical analyses build on the literature related to migration as well as homelessness to present a framework of trauma proliferation in IMBs. Implications for theory and practice, and how this research has implications towards promoting just, peaceful, and inclusive societies and the empowerment of women and girls, are discussed. We also make recommendations for inclusive clinical practices, services, and support resources.

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