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Headshot of Hui Yi from the shoulders up wearing a black coat and a white top.

Hui Yi

Hui Yi, PhD, Assistant Research Scientist and Data Scientist at the University of Georgia School of Social Work at the Center on Human Trafficking Research & Outreach (CenHTRO). She is a survey methodologist who has designed surveys targeting the hidden and hard-to-reach population of human trafficking and has collected over 12,500 survey data from 13 districts in five African countries. With these, she performs large-scale prevalence estimation of various forms of labor and sex exploitation using traditional survey methods and advanced statistical methods such as Basic and Bayesian Network Scale-Up Methods, Respondent Driven Sampling Method, Longitudinal Analysis, Machine Learning Methods, etc. She is currently a co-investigator for a CenHTRO study aiming to estimate the prevalence of labor trafficking among youth and young adults in Zambia and Malawi.