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Jessa Crisp

Jessa Crisp uses her childhood experience of severe abuse and trafficking to illustrate both the stark realities of trafficking and the truth that healing transformation is possible. After her escape and recovery process, Jessa earned a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as a step towards her dream of obtaining a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Jessa is the co-founder and CEO of BridgeHope, an anti-trafficking non-profit within the Denver-metro area and was recently appointed by the Governor of Colorado to the Colorado Human Trafficking Council. She inspires others through speaking engagements worldwide, gives hope through mentoring other survivors, and provides high quality training and consultation services to NGOs and government agencies. She has spoken with legislators at the Colorado State Capitol, trained the Department of Homeland Security, and spoken at the National Character Leadership Symposium for the Air Force. Jessa has been a consultant for OVC TTAC, the Blue Campaign, Polaris Project, Department of State, and filming with both Real Women Real Stories and 27Million. When she is not working, Jessa enjoys hiking mountains with her husband, John, finds delight in artistically expressing herself through photography, and is passionate about connecting with people over freshly brewed coffee.