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Headshot of Kathy Givens

Kathy Givens

A compelling voice for change, Kathy Givens is a dynamic public
speaker dedicated to advancing social justice and inspiring resilience in communities worldwide. With a background rooted in advocacy, mentorship, service provision, and experiential knowledge of exploitation, Givens brings a unique perspective to the stage, drawing from her own journey of triumph over adversity. As an overcomer of human trafficking and gender-based violence, she intimately understands the transformative power of resilience, community, and leadership. She is committed to sharing this empowering message with audiences.

With a deep commitment to inclusivity, Givens fosters meaningful conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is known for her ability to navigate complex social justice issues with empathy and a call to action, encouraging listeners to become active participants in the fight for a more just and equitable world while avoiding over-sensationalism.In 2021, Kathy joined the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking by presidential appointment.

During her time as a Program Director, Kathy developed a trauma-informedrestorative care program for adult survivors of trafficking.Whether addressing large audiences or leading small workshops, Givens inspires individuals toharness their own resilience and become advocates for social justice in their communities.