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Kelly Dore

Kelly has Montezillo, LLC, a public policy consulting organization designed to engage legislators on anti-trafficking and best practice laws.  She uses her lived experience to work to advocate, educate and raise awareness to the degree of Human Sex and Labor trafficking across Nation and serve as a policy/legislative consultant to Congressional members and State Legislators. As a subject matter expert in policy, legislation and CSE, her public policy advising extends to United Nations, the Vatican, State and Federal entities and she has written, testified, and helped to advise on over 60 pieces of legislation around the US.   

Kelly also consults for the Department of Justice and National Center on Sexual Exploitation and is a co-founder of the Sierra Cares Foundation U.S. which serves woman in Sierra Leona and helps to repatriate them home from being held in captive situations.  Kelly wrote a guide to recognizing familial trafficking and is published in the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, Titled, Estimating the Prevalence’s of Human Trafficking in the United States and is also a Tedx Speaker and her video is titled “The Intersection of Vulnerability and Trauma.”