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Headshot of Shawn Bhimani from the shoulders up wearing a dark blue coat, white top, and blue tie.

Shawn Bhimani

With over three years of experience as an assistant professor at Northeastern University, I am passionate about advancing the knowledge and practice of supply chain management and operations. I have a MBA, a MA in Operations Management, and a PhD in Business Administration, with a focus on supply chain management.

My research interests are focused on supply chain social responsibility through quantitative and qualitative methods. I have experience with procurement, sourcing, data analysis and presentation, process optimization, corporate social responsibility, ethics, labor rights, and humanitarian operations. I have published multiple papers in peer-reviewed journals and white papers for practitioners, and I have presented my findings at various conferences, to governing bodies, and workshops. I teach courses on supply chain management, operations, procurement, sustainability, and I mentor students and upcoming faculty on their academic and professional development. My mission is to contribute to the academic and social impact of supply chain and operations research and education.