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2020 Speakers

Sosamma Samuel-Burnett


Sosamma Samuel-Burnett, J.D, is Founder and President of G.L.O.B.A.L Justice, an international non-profit organization with a vision to inform, impact, and inspire the generations to learn, lead, and do justice together. With 30+ years of experience in human rights advocacy and 15+ years as a university professor, Sosamma has focused the work of G.L.O.B.A.L. on serving as a significant resource on issues of justice. G.L.O.B.A.L. was established in 2014 to help inform the community on international justice concerns, prepare community members and leaders to pursue justice, promote advocacy organizations addressing global injustices, and support educational institutions preparing the next generation of advocates. G.L.O.B.A.L. is mission is to extend geopolitical learning opportunities for biblical advocacy and leadership to help the local, national, and international communities pursue justice ethically, creatively, and collaboratively.

Before establishing G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice, Sosamma moved to Northern Colorado in August 2013 after 12 years in public policy and higher education in Northern California. She served for nearly a decade as Founder and Chair of the Public Policy Department and also Founder and Executive Director of the Public Policy Institute both at William Jessup University in Rocklin, California. She also previously served as Co-Director for the Sacramento- based California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the largest state-wide association of its kind in the country, as well as U.S. Program Director for the Institute for Food and Development Policy in Oakland. Previously, Sosamma served as the Program Director for the U.S. Racial Discrimination Program at International Human Rights Law Group in Washington, DC, as well as Development and Policy Director for the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights in Minneapolis. Sosamma also served in a range of policy and advocacy organizations, law firms, and public affairs and media firms in Washington, DC, Minneapolis/St.Paul, and Tupelo, Mississippi.

Sosamma earned a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service, with a concentration in International Politics: Law, Relations, & Organization, from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington, D.C. She also earned a Juris Doctorate, with an emphasis in International Human Rights Law and Public Policy, from the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis, MN.

Rob Knab

101 Track: Demand Reduction Operations and Shutting Down Illicit Massage Parlors

Bio: Robert Knab began working at the Fort Collins Police Department in December of 2003 after three years working at the Larimer County Jail. During his career at the Fort Collins Police Department he worked Patrol for 11 years. In December of 2014, he began working with the Neighborhood Enforcement Team, where he is currently assigned. Rob has been on the Neighborhood Engagement Team for 5 years. Part of his duties over the past 3 years have been to gain an understanding of how prevalent Trafficking issues are in Fort Collins/Larimer County, how to best combat them and train/educate the community on its impact in Northern Colorado.

Rob’s collateral assignments and committees include 6 years working in the K9 Unit with K9 Zorro, 7 years working in the Honor Guard Unit, 2 years on the Award Committee, working in the P.R.I.D.E. Unit, 5 years on the FCPS Bike Unit (IPMBA certified), 5 years as a Field Training Officer, 4 years as an Acting Sergeant, 2 years on the Fitness Team.

Laura Knudsen

101 Track: Demand Reduction Operations and Shutting Down Illicit Massage Parlors

Bio: Laura Knudsen has worked with the Fort Collins Police Department for 10.5 years. She currently works as a detective for the Crimes Against Persons unit. For 6 years, Detective Knudsen worked with the Neighborhood Engagement Team (NET) and investigated human trafficking, prostitution, and pimping cases. NET worked multiple massage parlor cases and hotel stings with the goals of demand reduction and victim identification/aide.

Chris Lim

201 Track: Working with Lived Experience Experts

Bio: Chris Lim is a 14 year veteran of law enforcement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. After his career in law enforcement Chris worked with non-profit organizations providing direct services to victims of human trafficking. He was the Vice President of Justice and Restoration with Saving Innocence, an organization in Los Angeles that works with minors whom are victims of sex trafficking. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer of End Slavery Tennessee in Nashville, working with victims of both sex and labor trafficking and operating safe-houses. Chris is a volunteer Investigative Associate with the International Justice Mission (IJM). He has spoken, trained, consulted, conducted security operations, and worked in an undercover capacity in brothels and massage parlors to help victims of human trafficking. His work has taken him throughout the United States and to eight countries. Chris is currently an adjunct Professor at The University of Alabama conducting research and teaching on Human Trafficking. Mr. Lim is also leading a DOJ funded project to create the Alabama Uniform Integrated Human Trafficking Initiative, a comprehensive and collaborative statewide guide for best practices to combat human trafficking. Chris holds a BA in Philosophy, an MBA, and is a doctoral student at the University of Alabama pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Trafficking.

Kelly Patterson

201 Track: Breakout 1 – Trafficked in the Midwest

Breakout 2 – Removing the Mystery from Dissociation

Bio: Kelly Patterson was trafficked within the Heartland of the USA. Her experiential knowledge of how trafficking operates in the Midwest is incredibly valuable to those hoping to make a difference in this very real war. She details her captivity in the dark world of sex trafficking and the journey out in her book “From Trafficked to Treasured”.
from trafficked to treasured book coverWhile shame and pain kept her quiet for years, Kelly’s journey of healing and freedom from sex trafficking are giving her a loud voice today. Having survived the un-survivable, her skills come forth in maneuvering the difficult arena of a very painful subject matter. Her courage to walk into a crowd and discuss the controversial is a communication gift that she excels in.

Her tenacity to see others freed keeps her pushing through the most difficult of obstacles. Coming from the perspective of one who has walked the long road out, Kelly has a dynamic style and ability to relate to her audience.

Kelly is soon to release curriculum to aid others in leading support groups for survivors of sexual trauma titled “The Pendulum.” She is the CEO and founder of Treasured Lives Inc, a non-profit organization involved in aiding survivors, consultant work, and public education.

Kelly Dore

201 Track: Intersections of Trauma Vulnerability & Trust

Bio: Kelly is the Executive Director of the National Human Trafficking Survivor Coalition, formed with other professional survivor leaders in 2016, to help get emergency funding to survivors, advocate, educate and raise awareness to the degree of Human Sex and Labor trafficking across Nation and serve as a policy/legislative consultant to Congressional members and State Legislators. As a subject matter expert in policy, legislation and CSEC, her public policy advising extends to United Nations, the Vatican, State and Federal entities and she has written, testified and helped to advise many pieces of legislation around the US. She is also an Ambassador for Shared Hope International and has authored a familial trafficking Identification guide for medical professionals and educators.

As an elected County Commissioner, she has worked with both the Obama and Trump administrations and elected officials to help them understand the implications of familial Human Trafficking on a National Level. She was a member of NACO’s Health and Human Service Committee and served as an advisor on Human Trafficking Issues within the nation’s counties. She is a survivor of familial trafficking from ages 1-14 and testified against her trafficker when she was 15.

Currently, she sits on the Governor’s Council as an Advisor for 3 States and is a member of the Denver Anti-Trafficking Alliance, Global Survivor Alliance and Delta 8.7 for United Nations and advised on International issues such as Voluntourism and Orphanage Trafficking for the State Department. She is also a Tedx Speaker and her video is titled “The Intersection of Vulnerability and Trauma.”

Marianna Kosharovsky

201 Track: Legal Rights & Needs

Bio: Marianna Kosharovsky is the Executive Director of ALIGHT, an anti-trafficking
nonprofit that rapidly delivers access to justice to human trafficking survivors by using innovative technology to match survivor needs with untapped legal expertise. Ms. Kosharovsky’s expertise is rooted in over 10 years of experience in human trafficking, law and cross-professional collaboration in the U.S. and Eastern Europe/Russia. As an attorney, Ms. Kosharovsky represented survivors of sex and labor exploitation at the domestic violence agency Sanctuary for Families, as well as global corporate clients at the international law firm Milbank in New York. In Eastern Europe/Russia, she worked on human trafficking and human rights development with PILnet: Global Network for Public Interest Law, and was a Visiting Professor at the Pericles Center for International Legal Education. She is a contributing author of the American Bar Association book Lawyers as Changemakers (2016). Ms. Kosharovsky holds a law degree from N.Y.U. Law School.

Hava Simmons

201 Track: Adolescent Vulnerabilities & HT of Minors

Bio: Hava Simmons graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a focus in adolescence.  Since that time, she has worked in Colorado, Washington, Virginia and Nevada. Hava has extensive experience in a variety of social service arenas such as prevention of out of home placements, provision of in-home wraparound services, adult and juvenile corrections, child protection, human trafficking efforts, trauma informed service provision and various other areas of child welfare. Currently Hava works as a full-time Social Casework Manager for Larimer County Department of Human Services supervising a unit of 9 caseworkers who are assigned to adolescents involved in the delinquency system.  In December of 2016 Hava completed a Certificate Program at Georgetown University in Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Juvenile Justice.  In 2017 Hava was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper to the Colorado Division of Youth Services Community Board and in 2018 he appointed her to the Colorado Human Trafficking Council.  In 2019 she participated in the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy through National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center.

Christine Cesa

201 Track: Breakout 1 – Familial Trafficking: Survivors in our neighborhoods

Breakout 2 – Addressing HT in Healthcare Systems

Bio: Christine Cesa currently serves as a survivor advocate working in the healthcare sector. Christine is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary with a Masters in Intercultural Studies with Children at Risk and Ashland University with Bachelors of Science in Education.  Christine is certified in the Ending the Game curriculum. Christine is a survivor of (CSEC) the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. Christine assisted local law enforcement to develop curriculum that will be used to train law enforcement throughout California and is a certified instructor with POST. Christine also partners with area Los Angeles anti-trafficking organizations. She is an advocate and trainer in regard to Human Trafficking.  Over the last five years Christine has trained numerous groups throughout the country.

Jamie Rosseland

201 Track: Survivor-Centered: Working with Survivor Leaders to Serve Victims

Bio: Jamie Rosseland passionately pursues to offset the negative impact of human trafficking for victims in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. By sharing her lived experiences and unique perspective, Jamie is driven to change the cultural view of the sex trade and address the root causes. She works full-time as a Survivor-Mentor providing mentorship, advocacy, and coordination of care to youth impacted by sexual exploitation with the Open Doors Outreach Network. Jamie has presented at countless community events, statewide summits, and national conferences. In 2018, Jamie won the Survivor Advocate of the Year award presented by the Florida Attorney General for her outstanding work with exploited youth.

When not working in direct services or presenting at trainings, Jamie also utilizes her creative and strategic eye to enhance the marketing and social media campaigns of anti-trafficking non-profits. Currently, Jamie oversees social media strategy and digital outreach efforts as Director of Marketing at Free Our Girls, a North Colorado anti-trafficking organization.

Kjersti Bohrer

201 Track: Debunking the Fantasy: Strip Clubs in the US

Bio: Kjersti Bohrer is the president and founder of Beautiful and Loved, a 501c3, faith-based, survivor-led outreach and care group for women working in Minneapolis and St. Paul strip clubs founded in 2012. She is also a full time women’s advocate at Breaking Free in St. Paul providing direct services to women who have been trafficked, prostituted, or are at risk.

Kjersti is an author and speaker and is passionate about spreading the truth and realities of sexual exploitation in strip clubs. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s safe. Prostitution and trafficking are normalized, as well as wage theft and sexual assault, within the clubs. Kjersti shares her experience working in the strip club in her memoir My Flawless One. She is also married to a man strong enough to handle her PTSD, the mom of two incredible children, loves going to the gym, sewing, and kicking butt while playing cribbage. For more information visit

Facebook link

Instagram you.are.beautiful.and.loved

Angela Clark

201 Track: A Survivor Shares Her Whole Heart Recovery Model

Bio: Angela Rae Clark is a writer, speaker, and consultant for human trafficking. As a survivor leader in Colorado, Angela is co-founder of FCAT: Four Corners Anti-Trafficking Task Force. She is concerned with how trafficking presents differently and how to navigate a response in a rural setting. With Beyond Freedom Consulting, Angela is eager to educate and inform about trafficking, recovery, and healing from severe trauma. She is a proud member of the National Survivor Network and the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy. The Other F Word, My Handbook on Forgiveness is an inspiring account of her personal growth and recovery. In her spare time you will find her on a river raft, camping in the woods, hiking in the mountains, and singing and dancing her way through the beauty of the southwest.


Tina Sonnie

201 Track: Is it Really a Choice?

Bio: Tina is a Lived Experience Expert aiming to inspire healing and stability for survivors. She hosts a podcast called Naming Jane Doe that gives a platform for survivors to tell their stories and also talk about complicated issues that we face as survivors. She is a professional cosmetologist who has a passion for hair and beauty, running a salon studio and is a customized hair and skin care consultant. Her connection to beauty allows her to enhance the lives of those around her in a way that makes them feel more confident and inspired. Her mission is to make people feel as beautiful as they already are.

Lucy bloom

201 Track: Engaging in an Abolition Model

Bio: Lucy is Executive Director of Veronica’s Voice, a Kansas City based organization providing residential services, a social enterprise, buyer’s education, and advocacy for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. She leads the Kansas City Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation. Additionally, Lucy is working at state and federal levels to support the development of specialized services for survivors and reduction of demand. Prior to Veronica’s Voice, Lucy served as President and CEO of I’m Coming Home, Director of Operations at Restoration House of Greater Kansas City, as Director of Faith-based and Community Initiatives for the state of Kansas, and as Program Director at National Center for Fathering.

Autumn Burris

201 Track:

Breakout 1 – Unpacking Prostitution & Policy

Breakout 2 – Organizational Resiliency & Working with Lived Experience Experts

Bio: Autumn Burris is a dedicated and passionate leading expert and an international
speaker with over twenty years experience in combating all forms of prostitution, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. As the founding CEO of Survivors for Solutions and a
survivor of multiple forms of male violence against women, Ms. Burris utilizes her lived
experiences and expertise as an influential and invaluable force in effectuating public
policy reform, delivering training and presentations, and fostering positive change and
social and political recognition to exploited individuals. 

Burris holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science/Public Policy and a minor in Human Rights from the University of California, San Diego. As a subject matter expert, her public policy advocacy experience includes the United Nations, British Parliament, legislative work at the federal, state and local levels. 

Ms. Burris is currently a Subject Matter Expert Consultant with the U.S. Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, an Expert Consultant with the Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center, and a Peer Reviewer with the Office of Justice Programs. She is an Advisory Council member with ECPAT-USA, Training Specialist with Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) and a representative of Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment (SPACE)-International.

Shanna Parker

201 ans 301 Track: HT Classification System

Bio: Shanna Parker is a national Survivor Leader and Subject Matter Expert in the field of Human Trafficking. She is the founder and CEO of AngelsGoToWork where she serves hundreds of youth and young adults yearly in local group homes, campuses and the community. She was the Public Relations Communications Chair for the National Survivor Network 2016-2019, and is the Executive Chair of the Arizona Survivor Leadership Council, a consultant for the Office of Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center where she assists with program building and specialized training. She sits on panels for multiple research projects with various agencies and universities. Shanna works with several local and federal law enforcement agencies in various capacities including training, consultation, outreach, operations, and victim advocacy. Shanna assists the Arizona Financial Crimes Task Force with the Attorney General’s Office in sex trafficking cases. She also works with the Dept. of Child Safety and Southwest Network as the Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator where she is a HT consultant for Therapy and Clinical staff and a specialized mentor and therapeutic advocate for chronically trafficked youth with a high run-away rate. Shanna developed the Parker HT Classification system to aid professionals in working collaboratively with victims in a trauma informed manner. Shanna has trained and works alongside supreme and superior court judges and justice staff, juvenile probation and detention, law enforcement, first responder, direct care providers, and social service professionals. Shanna works with multiple tribal agencies to develop responses to trafficking in rural and native lands. She has developed a Human Trafficking 101 computer-based interactive training module as an employee of the Department of Economic Security for staff education. Her life skills classes are facilitated to at risk youth in local group homes and in 2015, she was honored to receive the H.O.P.E. award for her work with youth girls giving them a Head start, Opportunity, and Positive future through Education. Shanna is a TEDx speaker, she’s been featured in many news articles and has authored her story in book form, And He Called Me Angel, The story of a Human Trafficking Survivor.

Kelsey Landstrom

301 Track: Encyclopedia of Human Trafficking 

Legislation Project

Bio: Kelsey Landstrom is a M.A. candidate in International Human Rights with specializations in Forced Labor and Human Trafficking, Research Methods, and Program Monitoring and Evaluation. Her focus is on participatory action/community based research, gender equality, and community sustainability. She hopes to work for an international research organization in order to help craft policy that will directly cause a positive, durable change for those studied. She believes that research cannot remain in itself, but must always return to benefit the participants and help change structural oppression.

Steve Simske

301 Track: Human Trafficking Risk Models using Network Analysis

Bio: Dr. Steven Simske joined Colorado State University in 2018 as a Professor in Systems, Mechanical, and Biomedical Engineering. Before then, he was an HP Fellow and a Research Director in HP Labs. He led HP in research and development in algorithms, multi-media, labels, brand protection, security and secure printing, imaging, 3D printing, analytics and life sciences. He is a long-time member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Councils (2010-2016), leads the Steering Committee for the ACM DocEng Symposium, and is former President of the Imaging Science and Technology professional organization. Dr. Simske has nearly 200 granted US patents and more than 400 professional publications, including the recent books, Meta-Algorithmics and Meta-Analytics. He is an Honorary Professor in Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, UK. Dr. Simske completed a BS (Marquette University, 1986) and Masters (Rensselaer Polytechnic University, 1987) in Biomedical Engineering; a PhD (University of Colorado, 1990) in Electrical Engineering, and a PostDoc (University of Colorado, 1993) in Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Simske was a payload specialist on a dozen Space Shuttle missions, and has designed devices ranging from exercise-responsive pacemakers to impedance tomography systems.

Karrin Anderson

301 Track: Talking Trafficking: The Connections Between Communication Framing and Anti-Trafficking Policy

Bio: Dr. Karrin Vasby Anderson is Professor of Communication Studies at Colorado State University, where she developed and teaches the undergraduate course SPCM 320: Communication and Human Trafficking. She partners with anti-trafficking organizations in Northern Colorado, training students, professionals, and community members how to recognize and respond to human trafficking in their communities. She has served as a board member for A Face to Reframe, a trainer for U COUNT Campaign to Fight Human Trafficking, and as a presenter at the Human Trafficking Symposium hosted annually at Colorado State University.