Nancy Richardson

Nancy Richardson is the co-founder of Blue Ocean Enterprises Inc. and Blue Ocean Holdings LLC, firms dedicated to strategic investments in new businesses and real estate. The mission for all the companies is “We Grow to Give.”

In addition to her positions with the family of businesses, Nancy focuses her time and efforts on serving the community through the initiatives of the Richardson Foundation, the private philanthropic organization of the Richardson family. Additionally, she currently serves on the board of Rescue Freedom International, a non-profit organization that empowers the rescue and restoration of women and children suffering in sexual slavery.

Lumina Albert

Lumina was born and raised in India, a country which is ranked high in the world for its number of ‘modern slaves’. Having lived in a society where it seemed ‘normative’ for vulnerable women and children to be oppressed and trafficked for commercial sex exploitation, Lumina developed a deep passion for justice and desire for advocacy. She organized campaigns that sought to prevent human trafficking and child labor and worked towards increasing awareness on the issue among schools and universities. Along with like-minded friends, she began an organization named ‘SMILE More’, an acronym for (Students’ Movement to Illuminate Lives for Ever More). She also worked with initiatives for the restoration and care of women and children in situations of exploitation. She initiated the  International Justice Mission (IJM) Student Chapter at Stanford University while she was pursuing her doctoral research in organizational behavior.

After her post-doctoral research at Stanford, she moved to Colorado State University (CSU) to teach in the College of Business, and initiated the IJM Student Chapter at CSU. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Rescue Freedom International and is a Steering Committee member of the Northern Colorado Human Trafficking Symposium, an annual conference that seeks to engage and educate on the issue of sex trafficking through research, training, and collaboration.

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Stacy L. Grant

Stacy is the Director of Chancellor Engagement at the Colorado State University System. She has dedicated her career to higher education, specifically working with land-grant institutions.  After graduating from Texas A&M University, her professional career began with the President’s Office at the University of Georgia then she transitioned to Colorado State University to direct visitor services and community outreach.  She has a passion for engaging community and constituents and supporting the town-gown relationship between the university and its neighbors.  She has served on the Board of Directors for the Fort Collins Downtown Business Association and was named Ambassador of the Year by Visit Fort Collins for 2019.   In her current position as Director of Chancellor Engagement, she supports Chancellor Tony Frank and manages constituent engagement opportunities for the Colorado State University System.

Angie Henderson

Dr. Henderson is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Northern Colorado (UNCO) in Greeley, Colorado and Co-Director of Avery Research & Consulting. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, 4 book chapters, and one co-authored textbook. She has also given over 50 professional presentations at academic conferences. Most recently, she was invited to present at the United Nations’ Commission on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice in Vienna, Austria in May 2019 regarding her expertise and research on demand reduction. Her passion lies in fostering research-based collaboration in the anti-trafficking movement and bringing folks together from various industries to reduce demand for commercial sex in order to effectively address commercial sexual exploitation. She is currently partnering/has partnered with EPIK Project, Transportation Security Administration’s Global Strategies Division, the Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation at Villanova University, Ride My Road, Restoration Project, Fort Collins Police Services & Larimer County Sherriff’s Office, and countless survivor-led organizations across the country.

Paulina Pestridge

Paulina is passionate about being involved in the fight against domestic and international human trafficking. She has served as a volunteer and advocate for survivors in the non-profit sector and also as a victim advocate within the criminal justice system in Colorado. Paulina holds a BS in Psychology and is currently working towards an MS in Organizational Leadership.

Maria Yusuf

Maria Yusuf is the owner of Maria’s Braiding in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is a Human Resources professional and a Career Development Facilitator, she holds an MBA from Colorado State University. Maria has experience as a Financial Analyst and has served in the private sector and higher education industry for over a decade in both finance and human resources roles. She is passionate about combating human trafficking which stems from her exposure to the ills of human trafficking while living in West Africa. She is also dedicated to diversity and inclusion activities within her community.

Sarah Joseph

Sarah Joseph is the founder of Hope Roots, an organization that serves trauma survivors and their caregivers in South Asia and internationally. She creates curriculum related to trauma and yoga and does staff training for organizations in India who serve trafficking survivors. She relocated to Northern Colorado from India in early 2019 and is excited to serve trauma survivors and fight human trafficking in NoCo. She holds a BS in Psychology and is currently working towards her MA in Counseling. Sarah is the Project Coordinator for the NCHTS.

  Makayla DeBonis

Makayla is a recent graduate from the College of Business at Colorado State University. With a bachelor’s degree in Organization and Innovation Management and a minor in Spanish she hopes to pursue a career in a field that helps provide relief to those in need. She has a heart for victims of human trafficking and homelessness and is working to learn about, and assist in, the work that is being done to fight against these problems.

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