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The Innovate Colorado Program: Evaluation Results from a Statewide Collaboration


Lauren Alessi


CSU/ Colorado State Gov’t


The Innovate Colorado (IC) Program built upon existing efforts to address sex and labor trafficking in Colorado by working with the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), the Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS), Regional Human Trafficking Specialists, the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking, local law enforcement, community-based organizations, and survivor leaders to enhance collaborative efforts and strengthen the service array for children/youth who are at risk for, or who have experienced, human trafficking. Innovate Colorado had four primary goals: 1) address the need for consistent data collection within existing data systems to better understand the extent of human trafficking in Colorado, 2) enhance training and outreach among stakeholders, 3) identify the existing service array for children/youth, and 4) identify best practices in Colorado for preventing and responding to human trafficking. In this presentation, we will provide a brief overview of the IC model, the evaluation design, and findings from the three year study (2018-2021). Using data from CDHS, CDPS, law enforcement, state and national human trafficking hotlines, surveys, and qualitative data, we will detail the evolving impact of the IC collaboration and share key takeaways for human trafficking practitioners, working groups, researchers, and evaluators.