northern Colorado human trafficking symposium website

Human Trafficking Education (HTE) is a fairly recent initiative, with four states already
requiring awareness and preventative education around HT at varying levels from Kindergarten
through 12th grade. Colorado is not a state requiring HTE, however it does have three cities in
the top 100 cities per capita with the most HT reports, and four of the five counties with the top
cases of HT are in and around the city of Aurora. Aurora, CO has multiple risk factors for
trafficking to thrive, including a substantial population of Immigrant families, heavy tourism in
and around the city, and major transnational highways intersect the area. Additionally, the youth
of Aurora Public Schools are predominantly people of Color (POC), making them uniquely
vulnerable to trafficking according to statistics that support POC are disproportionately victims
of HT.

In order to address the need for K12 HTE in Aurora, an intersectional and culturally
relevant framework, such as ecofeminism, is needed to consider the multivariate dynamics that
contribute to youth trafficking in the area. Ecofeminism is concerned with the intersections of
oppression against women and the environment. It is a unique discipline to consider the complex
issues of trafficking, given its intersectional nature. Ecofeminism, when its ecological and
intersectional feminist components are individually addressed, interlinkingly defined, and
incorporated with theories around love and ethics, can be a useful tool for studying HT and
approaching educational solutions for solving the trafficking epidemic in Aurora.

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