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Headshot of Wade Arvizu

Wade Arvizu

Wade is a Senior Programs Specialist at The Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, an international funding organization dedicated to building a survivor-centric anti-trafficking movement. As a networker, strategist, and visionary, he seeks genuine connections and approaches people with curiosity, connecting world leaders to build mutually beneficial trust-based partnerships. He values lived and professional experience as expertise and believes operations are most successful when led by those most proximate to the issue. He works with different partners and stakeholders to build allyship and collaboration across sectors in philanthropy, business, education, governments, and the nonprofit sector to mobilize allies into action to build a sustainable future centered around human dignity and well-being.

Wade has trained thousands of anti-trafficking professionals, including social workers, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and prosecutors, on best practices and has sat on advisory boards and councils, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Polaris. He serves as Chairman of the Board for Azadi Kenya, a survivor-led organization that offers long-term support and capacity development to survivors of human trafficking. Areas of interest and expertise include equitable funding practices, collaborating with survivors in leadership, centering and supporting marginalized communities, and capacity building and sustainability.