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Download the PDF agenda for the 101 and 201 tracks.

10:30-10:45amIntroductions and Opening Remarks by Dr. Lumina Albert Associate Professor of Management and Business Ethics, and Executive Director, CSU Center for Ethics and Human Rights
10:45-10:55amMayoral Proclamation by Mayor, Jeni Arndt
10:45-10:55amRemarks and Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Dr. Marion Underwood, Provost and Executive Vice President, Colorado State University

Keynote #1

The Intersection of Immigration & Human Trafficking

Cristian Eduardo

12:15 PM – 1:15pm

101 Break-out Session

Room 1 (main Zoom link)

Safeguarding Our Youth & Young Adults Online: Understanding and Combating Online Exploitation

Kathy Givens

201 Break-out Sessions

Room 2

Complex Trauma & Addiction: A Survivor’s Story of Childhood Exploitation & Adult Human Trafficking

Maria Tell

Room 3

Meaningful Engagement of People With Lived Experience: A Framework for Inclusion

Wade Arvizu

Room 4

Legal Tools to Fight Human Trafficking & Exploitation for Profit

Dave TeSelle, Morgan Carroll, Lauren Knapp

1:15 – 1:30pmBreak

Keynote # 2

Welcome and Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Amy Parsons, President of Colorado State University

Meaningful Partnerships, Intersectionality, and the Role of Survivor Leadership

Kathy Givens

2:45 PM- 3:45pm

101 Break-out Session

Room 1 (main)

Partners, not action heroes; the unique ways men can make a difference in the fight against sexual exploitation

Tom Perez

201 Break-out Session

Room 2

Building Resilience through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach: Techniques for Working with Victims of Human Trafficking

Melissa Kaiser

Room 3

Trauma & The Brain

Rebecca Bender


Keynote #3

Moving From Trauma Into Wellness & Healing – A Survivor’s Perspective

Jesse Leon

5:00pmClosing Remarks by Dr. Lumina Albert, Associate Professor of Management and Business Ethics, and Executive Director, CSU Center for Ethics and Human Rights


10:30- 10:40

Welcome and Introduction

Dr. Lumina S. Albert

Associate Professor of Management and Business Ethics

Executive Director, Center for Ethics and Human Rights

Colorado State University

Dr. Lumina Albert will introduce Session Chair for Room 2, Anna Kenyon

10:40- 11:00

Title: A Concept of Interagency Collaboration between Law Enforcement and Private Investigators for Human Trafficking Investigations


Presenter: Dr. Charles Hounmenou, Associate Professor, Jane Addams College of Social Work, University of Illinois Chicago

Title 1: Case Study: Integrating sport and anti-TIP education to cultivate social change among girls in Jharkhand, India


Title 2: Decolonizing anti-trafficking programming at the global level: A case study and critical dialogue.


Presenter: Anna Kenyon,

Masters in Public Health Candidate: Global Health and Health Disparities,

Colorado School of Public Health


Title: Exploring the Complicated Web of Trauma Proliferation Experienced by ‘Un-homed’ Immigrant Women Exploited in illicit Massage businesses.


Presenter: Dr. Lumina S. Albert College of Business, Colorado State University

Title: Embracing Expertise


Presenter: Dina Haynes, Professor of Law, New England Law | Boston


Title: Music Therapy as a Potent Modality For Working with Survivors with a Trauma – Informed Lens


Presenter: Dr. Laura Beer, Associate Professor of Music Therapy, Colorado State University

Title: Unveiling the Prevalence and Drivers of Sex Trafficking Among Women in Senegal’s Gold Mining Areas: A Mixed-Methods Exploration


Presenters: Hui Yi, Lydia Aletraris, Anna Cody, David Okech, Nnenne Onyioha-Clayton, Pedro Goulart, Anne Waswa, University of Georgia

11:50-12:15Discussions and ConclusionsDiscussions and Conclusions
12:15-01:15Lunch Break

Welcome and Introduction (By Session Chair)

Dr. Lumina S. Albert in Room 1 and Dr. Charles Hounmenou in Room 2


Title: What’s Mine is Mine? Comparing Corporeal Consent Across Negotiated Exchange Transaction


Presenter: Mara Waller, Department of Management, Colorado State University

Title: Building Capacity for Rapid Qualitative Analysis in Human Trafficking Research

Presenters: Anna M. Cody, Cassandra L. Eng, David Okech, Lydia Aletraris, Hui Yi, & Claire Bolton, University of Georgia


Title: Research-Practice Partnerships in Anti-Human Trafficking Program Evaluation in Colorado

Presenter(s): Lauren Alessi, Associate Director of the Social Work Research Center at Colorado State University

Brooke Byrd, Jessica Skeesick, Reiko Williams, Milena Casamassima

Title: “To What Extent Do the Illegal Components of Thailand’s Sex and Entertainment Sectors Obstruct Human Rights, as They Are Defined in Articles 1 and 4 of the UDHR?

by Ruth Karan, Community Outreach Coordinator, Center for Ethics and Human Rights and Poudre High School Senior


Title: Using an Eco-feminist Frame to Conceptualize and to Recommend Educational Initiatives for K-12 Youth in Aurora, Colorado


Presenter: Brooke Jones, Doctoral Student, School of Education, Colorado State University

Title: The Many Faces of Human Trafficking

Presenter: Stepanka Magstadtova Korytova

Faculty, Colorado State University

2:20- 2:40Meet the Editor

Title: The Supply Trace Research Platform for Forced Labor Risk in Global Supply Chains

Presenter: Shawn Bhimani

Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management

Faculty Affiliate, Global Resilience Institute

Associate Fellow, Advance Higher Ed.

D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Northeastern University


2:40-3:00Discussions and ConclusionsDiscussions and Conclusions