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Headshot of Brooke Jones from the shoulder up wearing a red knit cap.

Brooke Jones

Brooke Jones is a Ph.D. student in the Education, Equity, and Transformation Program at Colorado State University. She studies several facets of human trafficking (HT), including HT K12 education, HT statistical/data collection and analysis, and media analyses of missing women. All of Brooke’s research projects are conceptualized using critical feminist and race frameworks. Brooke anticipates doctoral candidacy in fall of 2024, and she will then begin working on her dissertation involving curriculum analyses of local, national, and international K12 HT education curricula for the purpose of providing
recommendations to make content more culturally and contextually relevant for Aurora, CO youth. Brooke was born and raised in Waterloo, IA. She studied Biology as an undergraduate and conducted several research projects in neurogenetics. She received her master’s in teaching at Minnesota State University with an emphasis in Life Science.

Brooke started her career in education as an eighth-grade science teacher in Ferguson/Florissant, MO, and is now a middle school science teacher in Aurora, CO. It is Brooke’s commitment and love for her youth scholars which motivates her to pursue her research endeavors in HT K12 prevention and awareness education.