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Headshot of Lumina Albert from the shoulders up wearing a blue coats and a multicolored top.

Dr Lumina Albert

Dr. Lumina Albert was born and raised in India, a country which is ranked high in the world for its number of ‘modern slaves’. Having lived in a society where it seemed ‘normative’ for vulnerable women and children to be oppressed and trafficked for commercial sex exploitation, Lumina developed a deep passion for justice and desire for advocacy. She organized campaigns that sought to prevent human trafficking and child labor and worked towards increasing awareness on the issue among schools and universities.

Along with like-minded friends, she began an organization named ‘SMILE More’, an acronym for (Students’ Movement to Illuminate Lives for Ever More). Dr Albert also worked with initiatives for the restoration and care of women and children in situations of exploitation. She initiated the International Justice Mission (IJM) Student Chapter at Stanford University while she was pursuing her doctoral and post-doctoral research in organizational behavior.

After her post-doctoral research at Stanford, she moved to Colorado State University (CSU) to teach in the College of Business and initiated the IJM Student Chapter at CSU. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of New Horizons Home, an international organization that provides holistic restoration for survivors of sex trafficking. She is also a Steering Committee member of the Northern Colorado Human Trafficking Symposium.